Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dior 643 Diablotine....

Hello Dears,

Today I have quite the post for you. The 3 products i'm going to feature have fast become current favourites of mine.

I recently picked up these products from Dior. They have recently released new Dior Addict lipsticks/glosses and included in this collection, they have released limited edition matching shades that you can get in the lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish. I've picked up a few things from this collection but by far my favourites are in the colour 643 Diablotine.

Look at that. Wow.

Diablotine is the most gorgeous bright coral colour. I mean what more can I say about it. Its just stunning. Even for me, who usually hates anything remotely coral or orange, I just love this. Its just so....juicy!!

I picked up the nail polish, Addict Extreme Lipstick and Addict Gloss.

The Addict Extreme lipsticks are a more intense formula than the regular Addict lipsticks, which provide more of a glossy sheer wash of colour. This gives you a depth of colour that is just stunning. It's still got a glossy finish (just not super glossy) and easily buildable to a very opaque finish, though you dont need to work very hard get a full coverage finish. The formula is very creamy and i've found it lasts my whole 8 hour working day. It has an almost stain like quality to it. I tend to touch up after lunch which for me is after approx 5 hours wear but with this lipstick, thats only to get the glossy finish back, not because the colours worn off.

The Addict Gloss simply gorgeous as well. Its a nice formula thats not sticky at all but lasts well on the lips. This is shot through with a golden glitter which I think just adds to its loveliness. Its not too glitter ball-esque either. The coverage isnt sheer but it isnt fully opaque either.  

The nail polish is the same colour and is very bright and intense. Perfect for summer. In fact, all 3 of these remind me of summer and being somewhere warm. I just feel happy when I wear them!

This nail polish also has a shimmer through it but this time its a pale pink. It is very slight as well, hardy noticeable as a shimmer on the nails but it does add an extra dimension to the polish. I also like that depending on the light you're in, this polish can look either intensely coral or have more of a red/pink tone to it. The finish is also super SUPER glossy. In the pictures below, I have no top coat on.

I'm so glad I picked these up. This shade isnt something i'd normally gravitate towards but i'm loving this so much I think I judged Corals too harshly!

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