Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dior 553 Princess...

Hello Dears,

So on Wednesday I did a post about some beauties I had recently picked up from Dior.  As I said in that post, Dior has recently released limited edition shades that you can pick up in a lipgloss, lipstick and nail polish. As well as Diablotine, I also picked up a couple of things in the shade 553 Princess.

Princess is probably the most appropriate name for these products isnt it? This time I only picked up the nail polish and Addict lipstick as I felt like I had more than enough baby pink glosses to last a lifetime.

Unlike with Diablotine, this time I went for the regular Dior Addict lipstick, not the Extreme version. This is a much more sheer formula and its also very very glossy. In saying that its sheer, its still got a nice amount of pigmentation to it, its just not completely opaque.

I think this is a really gorgeous easy to wear pink colour. Perfect for spring. Its colour makes it easy to wear, even if you're going for a really simple makeup look. Its very pretty. Its nice and moisturising but still lasts fairly well on the lips. I find I do have to touch up more frequently than with its Extreme counterpart but it still lasts a good few hours.

The nail polish is similarly pretty. Formula is excellent, its nice and thick and lasts around 5 days without chipping. This is shot through with the slightest of silver shimmers which you can see on the nails but it is very subtle. 

This is just a really pretty colour. Super girly and easy to wear with the excellent quality that you would expect from Dior. Really glad I picked these up.

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