Sunday, 12 May 2013

MAC Lipstick in Coral Bliss...

Hello Dears,

I had a whole pile of empties that I recently back to mac-ed. If you dont know what Back To Mac is, its where you can take 6 empty mac products back to them and they will give you a free lipstick! Its really good. I actually had enough to get 3 lipsticks and this was one of the ones I chose.

Coral Bliss is an entirely appropriate name for this lipstick. Im not usually a fan of coral to be honest. I dont really like the colour orange in general but something drew me to this. Probably the fact that I was getting it for free so if I hated it, its not such a big deal!

However, I dont hate it, far from it. I actually love it. A lot. I think this will be one of my favourite summer lipsticks. Its a very pretty peachy coral that has a slight milky look to it. Now I know that might sound horrible but its not. Its actually very flattering on my super pale skin tone. It doesnt make me look any more washed out than I already am and its also doesnt make me look like a clown.

Look at it, its just so pretty! Im so surprised by how much I love this. I dont like to try to explain formulas of Mac lipsticks because, to be honest, I dont really know what i'm talking about but this is one of the Cremesheen lipsticks which appears to be my favourite formula. Its certainly the one I own the most of. Its very creamy and not at all drying on the lips. Its nicely pigmented and lasts well too. If you're thinking of trying out a coral lipstick but, like me aren't really sure where to start or are a bit afraid of them, this one is definitely worth a look.

Friday, 10 May 2013

NYX Powder Blush in Angel...

Hello Dears,

I have previously posted about my love for NYX products. I just think they're such amazing quality for an unbelievably low price. Along side their Mega Shine Lip glosses, some of my favourite NYX products are definitely their Powder Blushes. I've posted about 2 of my favourites before (you can read those posts HERE and HERE) and I love this blush just as much!

Angel is a very pretty peachy pink blush that is nice for days when you want to go for a slightly more natural look. It hasn't got any shimmer or glitter through it but it does have a slightly pearly finish to it which I think is just lovely.

The formula of this blush is amazing. Its very buttery soft to the touch and extremely pigmented. Like the other NYX blushes, a little goes a long way.

As you can see, it looks slightly darker and quite matte in the pan but you can see that gorgeous sheen in the swatch above.  On the cheeks it gives the prettiest flushed look. You don't really need a highlighter with this one. I still use one because I have a highlighter addiction but I like to pick a more subtle one, like my Stila Highlighting Duo in Kitten. The finish of this just looks quite glowy on the cheeks without being over the top. I've found it to be a great blush to use when I'm not sure what blush to use, if you know what I mean. Its got quite a natural tone to it that means it will go with any makeup look.

These blushes cost £5.50 (bargain!!) and are available in the UK from NYX Cosmetics UK

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Insta-Nails - Post 2...

Hello Dears,

So today its time for another little Insta-Nails post. Last week I dug out this little beauty...

(taken in daylight with no filter, just a frame from another app)

This is one of the speckled polishes that Illamasqua released this year with their I'mPerfection collection. This is the green one which is called Mottle. I love these polishes so much. Illamasqua polishes in general are excellent quality. They last for so long on the nails. I was wearing this from Wednesday to Monday with no chips. Thats pretty outstanding. 

I think these polishes are perfect for this time of year. They're all such pretty pastel colours and remind me of mini-eggs! They're something a bit different which I think is really lovely.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dior 553 Princess...

Hello Dears,

So on Wednesday I did a post about some beauties I had recently picked up from Dior.  As I said in that post, Dior has recently released limited edition shades that you can pick up in a lipgloss, lipstick and nail polish. As well as Diablotine, I also picked up a couple of things in the shade 553 Princess.

Princess is probably the most appropriate name for these products isnt it? This time I only picked up the nail polish and Addict lipstick as I felt like I had more than enough baby pink glosses to last a lifetime.

Unlike with Diablotine, this time I went for the regular Dior Addict lipstick, not the Extreme version. This is a much more sheer formula and its also very very glossy. In saying that its sheer, its still got a nice amount of pigmentation to it, its just not completely opaque.

I think this is a really gorgeous easy to wear pink colour. Perfect for spring. Its colour makes it easy to wear, even if you're going for a really simple makeup look. Its very pretty. Its nice and moisturising but still lasts fairly well on the lips. I find I do have to touch up more frequently than with its Extreme counterpart but it still lasts a good few hours.

The nail polish is similarly pretty. Formula is excellent, its nice and thick and lasts around 5 days without chipping. This is shot through with the slightest of silver shimmers which you can see on the nails but it is very subtle. 

This is just a really pretty colour. Super girly and easy to wear with the excellent quality that you would expect from Dior. Really glad I picked these up.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dior 643 Diablotine....

Hello Dears,

Today I have quite the post for you. The 3 products i'm going to feature have fast become current favourites of mine.

I recently picked up these products from Dior. They have recently released new Dior Addict lipsticks/glosses and included in this collection, they have released limited edition matching shades that you can get in the lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish. I've picked up a few things from this collection but by far my favourites are in the colour 643 Diablotine.

Look at that. Wow.

Diablotine is the most gorgeous bright coral colour. I mean what more can I say about it. Its just stunning. Even for me, who usually hates anything remotely coral or orange, I just love this. Its just so....juicy!!

I picked up the nail polish, Addict Extreme Lipstick and Addict Gloss.

The Addict Extreme lipsticks are a more intense formula than the regular Addict lipsticks, which provide more of a glossy sheer wash of colour. This gives you a depth of colour that is just stunning. It's still got a glossy finish (just not super glossy) and easily buildable to a very opaque finish, though you dont need to work very hard get a full coverage finish. The formula is very creamy and i've found it lasts my whole 8 hour working day. It has an almost stain like quality to it. I tend to touch up after lunch which for me is after approx 5 hours wear but with this lipstick, thats only to get the glossy finish back, not because the colours worn off.

The Addict Gloss simply gorgeous as well. Its a nice formula thats not sticky at all but lasts well on the lips. This is shot through with a golden glitter which I think just adds to its loveliness. Its not too glitter ball-esque either. The coverage isnt sheer but it isnt fully opaque either.  

The nail polish is the same colour and is very bright and intense. Perfect for summer. In fact, all 3 of these remind me of summer and being somewhere warm. I just feel happy when I wear them!

This nail polish also has a shimmer through it but this time its a pale pink. It is very slight as well, hardy noticeable as a shimmer on the nails but it does add an extra dimension to the polish. I also like that depending on the light you're in, this polish can look either intensely coral or have more of a red/pink tone to it. The finish is also super SUPER glossy. In the pictures below, I have no top coat on.

I'm so glad I picked these up. This shade isnt something i'd normally gravitate towards but i'm loving this so much I think I judged Corals too harshly!