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Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Flare...

Hello Dears,

If you're anything like me and you watch a lot of American beauty YouTubers, you'll no doubt have seen all the positive reviews for Sigma makeup brushes. 

Unfortunately, Sigma isn't a brand we can get in shops in the UK, actually, I wasn't sure we could get them in the uk at all, without inflated shipping prices that is. Well, I recently found them on Beauty Chamber and I was so beyond pleased that, naturally, I picked up one or two things (or three or four things...). 

One thing I picked up was this eyeshadow base kit in Flare

I had seen a few youtube videos about Sigmas cream eyeshadow bases and I was intrigued. You can buy these separately or as a part of kits, each of which contains 3 cream eyeshadow bases and one base shadow brush.

The little brush that comes with the kit is excellent for applying the shadows. Its a nice shape and very soft against the eye.

The shadows themselves are housed in round plastic containers. Upon first looking, I thought they were glass. The plastic doesn't feel cheap and also feels quite sturdy.

One thing I really like about these is that, unlike other cream shadows i've tried, these each have a stopper on them which should (hopefully) prevent them from drying out quite as quickly as some other creams do.

The 3 colours that come with the Flare pack are Provoke, Pursue and Spy

Provoke is a peachy flesh toned colour that acts brilliantly as a neutral base for any eyeshadow colour. I was looking for a new eyeshadow base and I like this so much, it may actually take over from my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Eyeshadow Base as my absolute favourite.

(please excuse the big finger mark in this, I couldnt wait to play!)

Pursue is a gorgeous plummy purple colour. I've really been loving using purple on the eyes recently and this is no exception. It can easily be sheered out to give more of a wash of colour and is so easily buildable to a more intense finish

Spy is what really drew me to this palette. This colour is a pretty good dupe for Mac Club eyeshadow. Its a gorgeous khaki green brown with a green duo chrome look to it. I've also been obsessing over green eyes, particularly the more dark, khaki colours. I think its lovely for something different.

The pictures above show Spy on the left and Club swatched on the right. You can see, they're pretty close.

The overall quality of these is outstanding. They are very creamy and extremely pigmented. I've found I hardly have to use any product to get a very pigmented look. They dry quite quickly on the eye but i've not found this an issue when trying to blend. Once these babys set, they're set for the whole day.

Left to Right - Provoke, Pursue & Spy

As the name suggests, these are eyeshadow bases, designed to be used under eyeshadow and for this purpose, they work extremely well. My shadow grips on to them and I can honestly say that after having my makeup on at work for over 12 hours, I had absolutely no creasing, which, on my sensitive, watery eyes, is damn close to a miracle. The colours were also just as vibrant at the end of the day as they were when I put them on in the morning.

On their own, these fare just as well. I find they have slightly started to crease at the 12 hour wear mark if not set by a shadow, but its only slight and again, the colours were just as vibrant as they were when first applied.

All in all, 10 out of 10 for these shadows from Sigma. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who is looking for new eyeshadow bases or cream shadows or even people who have issues with their eyeshadow creasing. 

This kit cost me £31.50 which isn't cheap but these are a definite winner for me and worth every penny.

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