Monday, 18 March 2013

The Future...

Hello Dears,

So, its been a while hasn't it? After all my promises of more posts and getting back into blogging, it kind of didn't happen did it? The road to hell and all...

I ended a toxic relationship in January and, truth is, I had to take some time away to be me, to not have to worry all the time and to, quite honestly, get my life back. It has been pretty bizarre, after the past few years being full of heartache and stress, not having that be the case anymore. I realised, very quickly, that not only was I free of that, but I had a life again. Except for the odd hiccup (which is only natural after ending a 5 year relationship), its been great. I've been the happiest i've been for as long as I can remember and i've really enjoyed getting myself back out there, socialising with my friends and making some new ones (which isn't an easy thing for me to do!).

Given everything that went on, I didn't feel that I had the time or energy to blog. I've realised that I can do anything with my life, go anywhere, be anything. Part of this journey i've gone through over the past few months has involved me re-evaluating my priorities and along with that, if and how my blog fits in to my life. I had to decide if it was something I felt I could make a commitment to.

I've decided it is.

I enjoy it. I want to do it. So I will.

I feel like the world has opened up for me and I'm excited to try new things, meet new people and go to different places. I'm excited to get back in to blogging. Theres nothing I love more than trying out new products and talking about makeup and beauty. Its such a passion of mine and I want to fully embrace it.

I've had my family and friends tell me the change in my personality is like night and day and that its so wonderful to see me so happy and positive. This has been great to hear as honestly, I feel it as well. I know i've said that I'll start blogging again before but this time its different. The changes in my personal circumstances have really made me see how great life can be and how I can do anything with it.

I feel optimistic about the future and what this little blog can turn in to. I'm just going to go with the flow and see what happens (and the ability to do that is so exciting to me).

Thanks for reading and your continued support, it really means the world.

I'm excited for what the future will bring...

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