Friday, 4 January 2013

A New Year A New....Blog

Well Hello There! Long Time No See!

I havent posted on this blog for quite some time, since August 2012 in fact.

I'll be honest, things in my life outside of the internet had become quite out of control and I just didnt have it in me to devote the time and the energy to the blog. Anxiety and stress had begun to get the better of me and blogging was way way WAY down on my list of things to do.

But No More. The truth is, I actually really enjoy blogging. I enjoy the whole process of it. I know I've not been doing it for very long and i'm very much an amateur at this but amateurs can enjoy it just as much as the pros can right?!

I have started this year with a renewed sense of purpose. I am no longer going to let the negative aspects of my life (and the stress and anxiety associated with them) become all of my life. I need to devote some time in my life to the things I enjoy, one of those things being blogging. I need to make an effort to do so, knowing that the reward will be far better than any exhaustion I may feel.

So that being said, I am hoping to get some posts up over the next few days. I have had posts and even photographs that I've wanted to upload for a while but couldn't find the motivation to do so. 

I'm trying hard to be positive this year. I'm a pretty negative person naturally, so this whole positivity thing is new to me but I'm hoping it will stick.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to blogging and to becoming more involved in this little world. Thats what its all about really isnt it? Carving out a little bit of time for yourself that you can really enjoy? That's what I'm going to do anyway. Hopefully you'll join me.


  1. I hear you girl! The exact same thing happend to me , I didn't blog for more than 8 months but then kinda got back into it. If it's one thing that makes you happy why not do it, right?

    1. Oh absolutely. I think when you're going through a bit of a hard time it's easy to let negative things take up all your energy. It's so important to make it a point to spend time doing something you enjoy rather than spending all your energy on the negative