Monday, 2 July 2012

Penny Talk....

Well hello there!

Yes, I know the last time I posted I said that I was going to get back in to blogging but that just didn't happen. My life has been so busy and couple that with pretty crappy health and blogging just wasn't a priority. Hopefully now I will get back into the swing of things. I have quite a big post to do this which hopefully will be up this afternoon and an exciting change (well for me anyway) to tell you about!

First, just to ease myself back into it, a little nail polish post. Since they've started selling in boots, I have become obsessed with Essie nail polishes. I had a few that I had ordered online before but having them so easy to access is great.

I love Essie polishes. I love the colours, the quality, the brush size is large which is great and they last for ages. I've had the current polish i'm wearing on for over a week and there aren't really any chips. They're great. 

The one i'm currently wearing is called Penny Talk. Its gorgeous metallic. The colour is quite hard to describe. In some lights it looks rose gold, in others it looks kinda taupe and in others its a shiny pale pink. I really love how metallic this is...gorgeous!

So pretty, I really want to pick up some more of Essie's metallic shades.

Jill x

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