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Part 2: Product Recommendations for Over Processed Hair...

So if you’ve read my last massive blog post here then you’ll know that after many many MANY months, I have coloured my severely over processed hair – and I couldn’t be happier! You can check out that post or the many previous posts on the state of my hair and its progress to give you an idea of how far its come. 

Over the last 9 months I have tried many hair products to try to get my hair back into some form of a normal condition. While my hair can still be a bit dry, it is no longer the crunchy brillo pad feeling mess that it previously was.

This post is the second part of my two part series (if you can call it that) on the tips that I have learned when it comes to dealing with severely damaged/over processed hair. This post will focus on the products that I have found most effective. This is also, for the most part, my current hair routine. The products will be listed in the order that I use them. 

Once again, I’ll just say that I am not a hair dresser or an expert of any kind on hair, I have just found that this has worked for me.


I was pretty late to the game with this. I picked this up on a whim about 3 months ago when I had grown tired of my hairs lack of progress. It had got to a certain point and just didn’t seem to be improving anymore. I had seen a lot online about the benefits of using coconut oil on damaged hair so figured I would give it a shot. Boy, I’m glad I did. I think that this product has made the most difference to my hair. And it was instant. After the first use, my hair was actually soft and the condition seemed to noticeably improve. 

I use this as a pre-shampoo treatment. I wet my hair and separate into sections which I liberally coat with the oil. I then leave it for as long as I can (a couple of hours or overnight) before shampooing out.

The oil itself smells gorgeous (if you like the smell of coconuts) and comes as a solid but it is easy to scoop out and melt in my hands. The picture below shows the amount I use for each section of my hair. This is waaaaay more than I think most people would use but my hair was so dry and damaged I really wanted to saturate it in it.

I also tried to use this as a leave in hair oil and even though I only put a light coating on it, I found it left my hair quite lank.

The one I use is by the Groovy Food Company, for no other reason than it was the only one that was in the supermarket when the desire took me to try it. It costs £6.99 For 260ml of product. It lasts ages and I will always re-purchase.


These are another couple of products that I was late in getting. I have tried many different brands in an attempt to improve my hairs condition – Loreal Professional, Bumble & Bumble, Fekkai, Dove, Pantene, Richard Ward, Tigi Bed Head, Tigi Health Factor – and none has been as successful in helping my hair as these.

When I was doing my research online about the best products for over-processed hair these were always mentioned. I found a video on youtube from a lovely lady who had a very similar thing happen to her and these were the products that she recommended. Initially I was put off as they aren’t readily available in the UK (you can buy online though) but now I really wish I had just ordered them sooner and not wasted any time.

The descriptions on the bottles state:

Shampoo - "Gently cleanses hair while enhancing elasticity, strength and shine"
Conditioner - "Fortifies, reconstructs and strengthens damaged hair. Smooths, detangles and eliminates static"

I can honestly say that both these statements are spot on. From the first wash, my hair felt healthier and a lot less coarse. It was also much more manageable. I have repurchased these and will continue to do so. These really have worked like a miracle on my hair.


For a long time, this was my holy grail hair mask. In fact I still think it is. I tried countless hair masks to try to give my hair an intensive condition. I also tried various protein treatments but the Bumble and Bumble one I really feel made the biggest difference to my hair. 

This is just gorgeous. It smells like a pinia colada! This was probably the first hair mask that I used on my hair after it got damaged. I also kept using this even when I was using my Fekkai Protein treatment – I would use it as an extra step when I had rinsed off the Fekkai. For a while I just couldn’t be without it. It made my hair feel softer and look silky. Also just a note that I did use this before my hair got damaged and it was absolutely brilliant then too. At £21.50 for 150ml (from SpaceNK) its not the cheapest thing out there but personally, I found it the most effective. I have since moved on to the Macadamia Natural Oils Deep Repair Mask which deserves an honourable mention as its extremely effective as well at making my hair feel softer and look healthier. 


This is an old favourite of mine. In fact there isnt really a lot I can say about this that you probably don’t already know. I love it. It makes my hair feel lovely and soft. I’ve also tried the Loreal Mythic Oil which just doesn’t work for me AND Macadamia Natural Oil Healing oil which I also really love. I like to mix a bit of the macadamia oil in with my deep repair mask for that extra bit of deep conditioning. I will always come back to my Moroccan oil though. Its just that good.


When my hair got so badly damaged, I knew I needed to get some protein into it and quickly. After looking around for protein treatments I settled on this protein spray (I also used the mask in the same range). This is a great lightweight spray that doesnt feel like it coats your hair. Its also gentle enough to be used every day and so shouldn’t make your hair brittle like a build up of protein can. I really think that this helped greatly with the condition of my hair and on the odd time I didn’t use it (only when I was staying elsewhere and forgot it) I did notice that my hair wasn’t as soft. 

I got mine from SpaceNK for £20 for 100ml which again, isnt cheap considering how quickly I went through these but I really think it’s a great product. I’m currently using the Beyond the Zone Protein Cocktail which although I like, I don’t think is as good as the Fekkai. I will definitely be going back to the Fekkai when I run out.


On the packaging for the It’s a 10 treatment, theres nothing at all to say what it is. I’m going to assume it’s a leave in conditioner since that’s what it acts like.  This boasts to doing 10 things:

  • Repairs dry damaged hair 
  • Adds shine 
  • Smoothes & controls frizz  
  • Seals & protects hair color  
  • Flat iron spray & thermal protector 
  • Detangles  
  • Stops hair breakage  
  • Creates silkiness  
  • Enhances natural body  
  • Prevents split ends 

I can honestly say I think it does all of them. I LOVE this. If I don’t use this, I really notice that my hair doesn’t feel as soft or look as smooth.

Its quite interesting in the bottle as it’s a cream texture that comes out in a spray. I’d never seen that before. I got this after reading lots of reviews online about how great it was and figured I’d give it a shot. I will definitely re purchase this one. It also makes my hair so much easier to brush which, when you have over-processed hair that was prone to tangles anyway, is a great thing! I get mine out of Sallys. It’s currently £13.75 for 120ml on their website. The other great thing about this is I’ve had this for going on 4 months now and I’ve only used a third of it! Which is amazing in itself considering how much I use each time!

I realise that the products that I’ve mentioned aren’t cheap but like I said in my previous post, hair care is what I have chosen to put all of my money into for the past 9 months. Its been a long long road but I know that my efforts and money havent been spent in vain since what I have done has worked for me.

So there you have it. If any of you out there have dry, damaged or over-processed hair then maybe you will see a product on here that you didn’t know about that might work for you. I went through a phase when I was trying new products quite often but now I've found the ones that work for me, I'll be sticking with these for a long time to come!

Jill x

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