Thursday, 12 July 2012

NYX Blush in Summer Peach Love...

I think that the following product is my current favourite blush. In fact, I have worn it more often than not since I got it, and that was a couple of months ago!

NYX Summer Peach blush is a gorgeous peachy pink blusher with a slight shimmer. In the pan, it looks like they'res micro fine gold glitter in it but this doesn't translate on to the cheeks. It comes across as more of a light golden glow, no glitter.

This blush is amazing. Its super pigmented, you only need the tinniest bit. I had read online that this could be a dupe for NARS Orgasm blush but since I don't own that blush I can't really comment but from what I've seen, this is slightly more pink than Orgasm. I was expecting a bit more peach to the blush given the name but from the other NYX products I've used/seen, sometimes the name isn't the most accurate description.

That being said, I adore this. This lasts most of the day on my cheeks, I put it on before 7am, go to work and at 3pm its still there. Like I said, its super pigmented so use a very light hand with this. 

Now NYX is one of those brands that I heard so much about, mostly UK based bloggers/YouTubers saying it was so annoying that they couldn't buy it in the UK. Now it is true that its not sold in any stores over here but you can buy online through the NYX UK Website (this is where I got mine). So really, you can buy it online very easily which is actually what quite a lot of people have to do to get certain cosmetic brands anyway if they don't have access to the stores they're stocked in...its really not a big deal!

I have a few NYX blushes and I can't wait to get more. For the quality of these blushes, the price is phenomenal...£5.50 for 4g of product! Brilliant!

Jill x

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