Friday, 27 July 2012

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot...

Yep, its another paint pot. For someone who said they weren't sure about these, I'm starting to get quite a collection.

Rubenesque is quite different from the other paint pots I have. Firstly the texture of this is much creamier and it feels almost thinner. It's definitely less sticky feeling than the others which means that it if you have oily eyelids it maybe wouldn't be as effective if you want to use it as an eyeshadow base. For me, it does work but  I wouldn't wear this by itself, if its not set with an eyeshadow, it does crease very quickly and easily.

The finish of this is also different, its very shiny and shimmery. I'm not sure if this is what makes it less effective at staying on the eyes as the finish and consistency seem to go hand in hand. 

Rubenesque is a very orange toned gold colour. Personally, its maybe a little too orange for me to get away with given my ghost like complexion. Given that I always layer shadows over the top of this, that doesn't matter that much though. It's also very sheer which makes it more wearable for me.

I particularly like wearing this along with Half Baked and Smog from my Naked Palette. I feel that it makes the shimmer in Half Baked appear even stronger which, given my love for shimmer shadows, I love.

Jill x

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