Thursday, 12 July 2012

I Love MAC Sumptuous Olive...

So today I want to write a post about one of my current favourite eyeshadows, MAC Sumptuous Olive.

I'm relatively new to MAC shadows. I've always been a massive fan of Urban Decay shadows and since I have quite a collection of them, I never felt that i needed MAC shadows in my life. How times have changed...

I absolutely love this shadow. I would describe the colour as a khaki green. Its quite an interesting colour actually because in some lights it shines more green and in others its more brown. It kind of reminds me of MAC Club eyeshadow in that it looks one colour but the more you blend it out it changes. Since this is a Veluxe Pearl shadow it does have a sheen to it which is a lovely subtle golden colour. I absolutely love this.

The top picture above was taken in natural light with a flash (to show the sheen) and the bottom one was in natural light, no flash. Both are accurate in terms of colour.

I did a couple of swatches for this. The top one is what the colour looks like if applied heavily. If I want this shadow to apply like this, I push it over my eye lid as opposed to sweeping. The bottom picture is a sweep of the shadow with a much lighter hand. You can really see the brown tones come through.

This shadow lasts all day on me as well. I do find that the intensity slightly wears away throughout the day but not to the extent that I feel I need to touch it up. I also love the texture, its soft and very easily blendable. 

I just love this shadow. I love how versatile it is and that you can create such a number of different looks with it. MAC eyeshadows cost £12 (£10 if you only need the refill pan) and are available both in store and online.

Jill x

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