Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A little Glitter...

Just a short little post today with a current favourite nail combination of mine

I've really taken to the look I get when I layer Models Own hedkandi Ibiz Mix & Juicy Jules over Illamasqua Wink. 

Wink is one of my favourite polishes, I just love the colour and I really like the effect these glitters give when layered.

What I will say though is that while Juicy Jules can be taken off with relative ease, Ibiza Mix is another story completely. I also really love Ibiza Mix layered over Essie Mint Candy Apple but from that experience I learned just how damn difficult it is to take off, and by difficult I mean half an hour plus to take them off and countless amounts of nail polish remover...really not a good time but its so pretty!

Jill x

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