Saturday, 5 May 2012

I love you China Glaze...

A few weeks ago I made a trip to my local Sallys to pick up some new hair stuff and I couldn't resist picking up a few China Glaze nail polishes.

China Glaze is one of those brands that i've seen in lots of beauty blogs and have kind of lusted after but never really knew where to pick up. I was so pleased when I found out that Sallys stocks this!

I picked up a few polishes and i'm so pleased with them. They are all opaque in one coat but I put 2 on just to strengthen the colour. I love them. They don't chip either. I'm talking 5 days without a chip. This has been great recently as I'm still suffering from an awful eye infection that has been making me feel like absolute crap so doing my nails (or any makeup to be honest) hasn't been high on my list of things to do.

Anyway. On to the colours. I'll let them speak for themselves. I LOVE them!

Ruby Pumps has the most gorgeous red glitter through it but I didn't think you could see it too clearly in the picture above. I took a more close up picture that I think you can see it better in. Also, i dunno whats happening with the daylight in this picture but this was the closest to true colour i could get, its actually slightly deeper red in real life...imagine Dorothy's ruby red shoes and you've got the colour right!

My favourite is Ruby Pumps. Its the most gorgeous colour. I usually don't actually like red nail polishes but this was just so lovely - the colour, the glitter, the lasting power...Amazing. 

Jill x