Friday, 2 March 2012

Fantastic Chanel...

I've been very bad at blogging lately. I've got absolutely no excuse for it except exhaustion taking over and it became the last thing on my mind. Hopefully I will rectify that this weekend though. 

I've been wearing Chanel nail polish in 481 Fantastic quite a lot recently. It was one of the first Chanel polishes that I bought. I have to admit, its a little out of my comfort zone as I usually wear mostly pinks but I do really like this polish. Its a gorgeous burgundy red with a pinkish shimmer. I'm generally not a fan of red polishes and this is about as red as i'll go, I don't think i'd be comfortable with anything brighter.

On my nails, the shimmer doesn't really translate out of the bottle which is a shame but I still really like this. I think its perfect for the colder months (despite the unseasonably warm weather we've been getting here recently!). 

Lasting time is better than average for Chanel, which i've found can chip as soon as they're applied. The picture below was taken after 3 days wear (I was far too lazy to take pictures after I just applied) and you can see how little its worn away. Please ignore my tiny pinky nail - my nails had gone like talons thanks to a combination of OPI Nail Envy and laziness in filing so when I finally filed them down, my pinky nail snapped as it was just too long!

Jill x

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