Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Tantrum is sometimes a good thing...

At the start of the year when I was in speaking to the girls at Illamasqua in Debenhams, I said I was looking for a lipgloss, a neutral but still with a pink tinge to it - theres nothing I hate more than beige concealer lips...ick!

The lovely girl that I was speaking to pulled out a few of the Illamasqua Sheer Lipglosses for me to look at with a wide selection of colour. I ended up purchasing 2 of them - Tantrum and Enchant. In the tube, Enchant fits the bill of what I was asking - a lovely neutral with a pink tint. Its safe to say that in the tube, Tantrum doesn't -

Its the most bright vivid purple. I'd spent quite a lot of time chatting at the counter and the sales girl was pretty sure that I would like this, she said that it sheers out and is something maybe a little bit different from the usual pinks. Curiosity got the better of me and she applied it. As soon as I looked in the mirror I was sold.

This is stunning. I really love it. When sheered out, it applies as the softest pink with a faint purple tinge. The finish is lovely and glossy without being too over the top. I like that the colour of this is buildable - you can apply it thicker or build it up. The formula isn't sticky either which is a big plus. Its a really nice product. 

The packaging is pretty non descript, squeezy tube with plastic applicator. The applicator itself isn't great, I find when I try to use it, its hard to be accurate with the gloss application.

To use this I've been squeezing out a little bit  onto the end and applying with a lip brush. I also think this makes it easier to get a more sheer look.

If you want the deep purple colour to appear on the lips, this is easy enough and doesn't actually take a ton of product to achieve an opaque look. The darker colour isn't one i'd normally use but when this is sheered out its just lovely. The picture below shows it swatched at the top and sheered out with a lip brush at the bottom

You can really see how pale it is. Its coloured enough to be a good alternative to the usual pinks but sheer enough to be, for me, work appropriate. It also still lets enough of my lip colour through to not be over the top. You can see me wearing it in the picture at the end of another Illamasqua product post, here

Lasting power is also pretty good, maybe a little longer than average for other glosses but i've found that this also kind of tints my lips which makes the colour appear to last longer.

Like some other Illamasqua products i've fallen in love with, I think this product shows that you shouldn't judge them by what you see in the bottle! Before I started experimenting more with Illamasqua I wouldn't have said that but i'm learning to not necessarily judge a product by its initial colour and always have a play around! I will definitely be purchasing more of these lip glosses.

Jill x

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