Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A little Pink Friday...

I recently purchased one of the nail polishes from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection. The one I purchased is called...

Pink Friday is a pastel but bright bubblegum pink. I've recently been wanting to experiment more with pale pastel nail polishes since the quality and appearance of my nails is improving (all thanks to the OPI Nail Envy treatment). I've had pale polishes before but just didn't really like them, they were always streaky and kind of horrible looking. This is just lovely.

First coat applies kind of streaky but a second coat evens that out and as you can see it is completely opaque. Formula is excellent, just what you'd expect from OPI. I've been wearing it since this past Sunday and I still don't have any considerable chips, slight tip wear but it is very slight. The picture below is of the same hand taken today so you can see how little wear there is

Theres really nothing. This is a lovely polish.

I also got this little beauty, the Femme De Cirque mini polish collection. I believe that this collection was launched in Spring 2011. Its a lovely set of soft pale pink/creams and a white toned, very sheer polish with microscopic glitter particles that shines pink and blue. I haven't tried any of these polishes yet but I expect they will be of the same high standard as the other OPIs I've tried. Look how pretty it is...

So cute!

Jill x

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