Saturday, 21 January 2012

A wink and a snap...

I was in Debenhams last weekend playing with the Illamasqua makeup and picked up quite a few pieces. They were doing an offer where by you got 2 full size nail polishes for free if you bought 4 or more items. Pretty good considering they usually sell for £13.50 (i believe) each. 

Out of the selection I was given I chose Wink and Snap.

Wink is a polish i've seen on a number of beauty blogs and I believe right now its the polish being offered in the Freak fragrance gift set. Its a gorgeous milky lilac colour. Its a different colour for me to try. I have, in the past, stuck to either stronger colours or very neutral pale ones. I never thought pastel polishes looked good on me, i'm not sure why. Maybe its because I always had horrible bitten nails and i thought it highlighted just how awful they were. Since i've been using the OPI nail envy my nails have grown very quickly and are in pretty good condition. I'm really pleased with them at the moment so what better time to try a colour that I would previously have shied away from. I LOVE this colour. Its a great long lasting formula and is opaque in two coats. It also isn't streaky which i've seen in pastel polishes before

Snap is a deep gun metal grey. Its the same gorgeous formula and opaque in two coats - in fact, you could probably get away with one for this. Its a very deep colour. When I first brought it home I had wondered if i'd picked a colour that was maybe too close to Chanels Graphite to be justified but upon wearing it, its much darker and doesn't have the glitter and sparkle that Graphite does. I don't have another polish like this. Its grey without looking too dull, if you know what I mean. I really like it. The picture below is slightly blurred but it shows the colour accurately.

Yet another win for Illamasqua!

Jill x

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