Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Spun Satin...

Today I want to talk about the Tigi S-Factor Spun Satin Styling Souffle. This product was recommended to me by my new hair dresser as a miracle product that would help to tame my fried chemically damaged hair into something resembling a hair style. I'm a bit dubious when someone claims something is a "miracle" product as it rarely lives up to the hype but in this case, she was spot on.

S-Factor is Tigis prescriptive range of hair care products which are designed kind of as super charged hair products. Most of them are designed with damaged hair in mind. This particular little gem is a styling product which can be used in wet or dry hair. You only need a teeny tiny amount of this, like size of a pea teeny tiny and this should be worked through the lengths. My hair dresser said that normally this shouldn't be put near to the roots as it can make hair lank but because my hair is so damaged it should be ok as it is just absorbing products like a sponge. I do keep the majority of the product to the ends though.

Looking at the texture of this its easy to see that if too much of this is used, the hair will become lank and sticky. The product is sticky itself and is very thick. It has a faint smell thats kind of aftershave-ey which I quite like.

I have to say that this product really does work miracles on my hair. It makes my hair look sleek, shiny and feel soft, things I didn't think I'd be able to say about my hair for a long long time. 

It says on the tub that this product is great for those with wavy hair as it can help to define the waves and hold them. I'm one of those people with weird hair - its straight on the top and wavy at the bottom. I actually think this product helps to keep my hair straight. I've straightened it a couple of times and since i've started using this I find that my hair is also easier to straighten.

Its also generally more manegable. Don't get me wrong, I still get the matting after a few days but this is a great product at, at least, making my hair appear normal, and feel it for a little while. I haven't used this on dry hair as I think it would weigh it down too much, i've been using the S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer on my dry hair to tame the broken bits at the top of my head.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to give their hair a decadent treat. If memory serves me right it costs around £15ish for the tub which contains 75g of product. Its not the cheapest thing but considering how effective it is and the tiny amount of product you need to use, its worth it.

Jill x

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