Wednesday, 4 January 2012

NARS Nails...

Just a little post to show off this lovely polish. Its Schiap by Nars. Its a gorgeous bright pink. See for yourself

I got this polish last year as part of the Tainted Love gift set that came with a lip gloss and multiple in Angelika. I love this polish. The formula is pretty standard on this one, about 3 days until there is tip wear/chips. Since its the only NARS polish I own I can't say if they're all like this. Its not one i've worn for a while mostly because i'm a nail biter and i don't think a colour this bright looks good on tiny stubby bitten nails....not that any colour really does.

I'm hoping to get more use out of this as i've started the OPI Nail Envy and Avoplex system in the hopes of improving my nail strength and therefore length. I'm also a biter of the skin around my nails...i know, horrible isn't it? But i'm trying to stop and i'm hoping that if the general health of my nails & cuticles is good then it will help stop me from biting them. I'll probably do a post on the Nail Envy when I have a fair idea of how well it works. So far so good though!

Jill x

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