Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Nail Polish Fail...

I'm sure everybody's been there. You read about a product, see it online, in a magazine, you hear about it, its the one shade, one thing that everyones lusting after. You see pictures of it, it looks amazing. You can't get your grubby little hands on it anywhere because its so beautiful, its sold out everywhere you turn.

Then one day it happens, you're casually browsing makeup when you see it, the one thing you've been looking for, the thing that has been so sought after its been out of stock for so long you had nearly forgotten about it. You're happy, you're excited, you can't believe you finally found it. Then you take it home and use it and....the disappointment hits you like a ton of bricks....its meh....its, oh its ok I guess.....its, well, just not that good...honestly...you just don't like it.

This happened to me recently with the fabled Facets of Fuchsia Revlon nail polish. I had seen this polish all over blogs for a while, everyone singing its praises and posting gorgeous looking pictures. It looked like the perfect grown up solution to glitter nail polish. A black base with bright fuchsia glitter. But, it was sold out everywhere I tried. I finally saw it in my local Superdrug last week and just had to buy it.

This is my first Revlon polish and what a let down it is. The formula is...well....crap. One coat looks like this

Look at the state of that! I wasn't expecting such a weak watery black base to it. First impressions, not good. Especially when considering my Illamasqua Glitter and even the Models Own look better on the first coat than this.

I persevered, thinking its because of the dark base mixed with the glitter and I hadn't used a glitter polish with a dark base before. I kept telling myself this, even though I knew, after that first coat, that I wasn't going to like it. This is after 3 coats 

Its far more opaque but its still just...meh...I just don't like it. It didn't look nice at all. I thought maybe the glitter would make the black brighter, you know, that it may look at least something like it does in the bottle. Not for me. You know what it looked like? Kind of like when you turn the brightness down on your television and it goes that kind of dark out of focus way thats hard to look at. I removed it immediately, such was my disdain for this polish.

I wanted to like it, hell, I wanted to love it but it just wasn't to be. Many people seem to love this but I just can't. I wasn't sure if I was going to post this as its such a poor review but I just had to. If anything it shows how something thats loved by so many and is a must have shade, can be a disappointment to some. 

Jill x


  1. Try layering over a black creme polish - it makes SUCH a difference!
    I thought the same initially but tried it over a black polish and it was so much better.
    I have blogged about it and even my pictures don't do it justice, but the difference is amazing and saves a bottle of nail polish going to waste! xx

  2. I must try that, it was so disappointing, it looks so pretty in the bottle! x