Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bronzing with Chanel...

I love Chanel cosmetics. The quality is excellent (bar a certain few nail polishes), the colours are great and they have a talent for introducing products that get a cult following. The following is one of those products. After being sold out online and in my local Debenhams store for what felt like an eternity, I managed to get my hands on the Soliel Tan De Chanel bronzer.

This is a gorgeous cream bronzer. Its packaged in the typical luxury Chanel way in a fairly large but light container.  Another thing that makes it typically Chanel is the price - £29 for 30 grams. 

When you open up the packet you can see the cream bronzer has a lovely swirly pattern on it. Its really tightly compacted. I've started to experiment more with cream products recently and some of the ones i've tried have smooshed really easily under my fingers when I thought I was just tapping lightly. This bronzer doesn't do that. 

I have noticed that I've had to work the brush quite a lot to get any product at all. I've used this with both a Mac 187 (duo fibre face brush) and an Illamasqua angled blusher brush If you want both a defined look with an all over glow, I've found that I get the best result using a combination of both brushes and not just sticking to one. I will say that the Mac 187 picks up a product more easily than the more densely packed angled face brush. With the Mac 187 I find tapping the brush in the product works but with the Illamasqua angled brush swiping it through it works the best.

The picture below shows the bronzer swatched then blended

I really like this bronzer. I'm very very VERY pale and when its properly blended in with all my other make up it gives me a really natural looking glow. You really don't need much product to get a great effect with this so I think it will last for ages. I'm happy that i've found a bronzer that works for me and looks natural. £29 for a bronzer is a pretty hefty price to pay. Is it worth it? Isn't Chanel always?

Jill x

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