Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Art of Powdered Metal...

I recently treated myself to Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether. This product was released as part of the Art of Darkness collection in 2010 and is designed to be applied as a highlighter to give either a light glow or can be built up to produce whats described on the website as an "extreme metallic finish". 

The product itself is a super finely milled yellow powder with the tiniest glitter particles. 

I love this product but can you guess what my one criticism of it is from the picture above? It doesn't have any kind of guard over the holes on the top so the product gets everywhere! Being so finely milled, the product just pours out of the top of it which isn't great if you ever want to take it anywhere! I had it in my handbag and when I took the lid off, it was everywhere. 

This is a relatively minor complaint though. When applied the product does what it says on the tin. For me, it provides an intense highlight. Although it contains glitter, when blended out, I couldn't make out any glitter on my cheeks, it just made me glow. I'm still playing around with this in terms of how natural I can make it. The picture below shows it swatched then blended out. It was difficult to capture the glitter and the glow this gives but you get the idea...

It should be noted that even blended, this does have a yellow tinge to it so caution should be exercised in terms of the amount used. You only need to use a tiny amount so I think this will last a while. I think this product would be an excellent way to add sheen anywhere on the body.

The product also comes with a puff that you can use to apply it. I haven't used this but I think it would be a good way to apply this across the chest if thats kind of things your bag. I think that if applied thicker to the body than i was using on my face the glitter would be noticeable and it would be a great way to add some sparkle and sheen before a night out.

All in all, love this highlighter. As with all Illamasqua products its definitely worth a look if you're looking for a product thats a bit different.

Jill x

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  1. Wow, really interesting product. I just love Illamasqua, everything they make is amazing, I must get some more of their products really! x