Sunday, 11 December 2011

What a difference....

Its been over 2 months since Hair-Gate 2011. Little re-cap- I used John Frieda Go Blonder spray on my hair and it reacted with the dye that my hairdresser used resulting in my hair being chemically burned. My previously long, blonde, soft and shiny hair was burned beyond recognition. I had to get quite a lot cut off, i've gone from washing my hair every day to only washing it twice a week (this in itself has turned into quite a time consuming event with the intensive treatments that I do on it), I dont use a hairdryer or straightners (I used straightners for the first time a week ago as I was going on my works christmas night out) and I dont even use a hair brush for it - only a wide toothed comb because of the breakage.

The entire thing has been absolutely devastating for me. I know I shouldnt let the way I feel rely so much on my hair but it really does. The first time i've felt like myself since this happened was when I straightned it last week.

I took some pictures today to do an update and I, by chance, looked back over my pictures I took the day after it happened and I cant believe the difference. Sometimes I get quite down about the way it still feels and looks but I guess I had forgotten just how bad it was and how much of an improvement there has been. It still feels dry and, if i'm honest, its snapping quite a lot but honestly, when I look at the  first pictures of it and I look at it now, its hard to believe how much its improved. To give you an idea check out the following pictures -

Taken one day after it happened - 2nd October 2011

Taken today - 11th December 2011

Taken one day after it happened - 2nd October 2011

Taken Today - 11th December 2011

I can really see the difference. I'm glad I looked at the pictures from October as they have reminded me of how awful and matted my hair was. Its nowhere near what it was pre chemical burn but I can run my fingers through it again which I couldnt do in October. You can also see from the pictures above that in October, I didnt even need to hold the hair back to take pictures of the underside of it, it was that burned and straw like, but now I do!

These pictures have made me feel slightly better. They have reminded me of the improvement i've seen in my hair and have made me feel cautiously positive about future improvement. I am painfully aware there is nothing I can do to return it to its previous state until it grows in - it has been damaged beyond repair, but the pictures above show me that I must be doing something right!

I also got a lovely new nail polish today - OPIs Flashbulb Fuchsia. I've rambled on quite a lot in this post so i'll let this picture do the talking for this one (again, please ignore my crap polish skills/bitey nails)

Lovely stuff!

Jill x

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