Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Max Factor Deal...

So this morning on my way to work I stopped in at Sainsburys to get my caffeine fix and lo and behold, there was a 3 for 2 on cosmetics! Awesome! So I had a little look around and settled on 3 Max Factor products as I havent really used this brand before and thought this was a good chance to try it

Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in Bronze Haze
I've wanted to get this for a while but had always stopped as I have so many neutral eyeshadows that I wasnt necessarily sure if it was worth it. One side is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour with a rounded edge and the other is a deep brown with gold flecks and has a pointed edge. Despite containing shimmer, i've had a play and this is very subtle. To be honest, both colours are easily dupable but I really like this as its buildable but deposits a great colour. Easily blendable and super easy to create a smoky eye - something I'm trying to get better at!

Colour Elixir Lipstick in Bewitching Coral
This is a super bright coral pink. Super bright. As in I was shocked when I put it on today at work. Its way brighter on my lips than it looked when I swatched it. Highly pigmented and glossy - its a lovely formula. Very very long lasting. The colour lingres on my lips long after the glossy sheen has worn off. I'm really pleased with this, its a lovely colour that i'm sure i'll get a lot of wear out of. The picture below doesnt even capture the true intensity of it.

Nailfinity polish in 882 - Angel Nails
I LOVE this. Its a silver based polish with a gorgeous lilac tint and tiny glitter particles thats highly reflective. I didnt take any pictures of this as i've been feeling quite stressed out recently and as such, my nails are an absolute state! Too bitten to be on a blog about pretty things. The colour in reality is brighter than in the picture at the top but it does give quite a good idea of the colour. I love it so much!

All in all i'm really pleased with what I got. I'm not sure if this offer is on everywhere, I assume it is. It was on for all the cosmetics brands at my local store so get yourself down to Sainsburys and have a look!

Jill x

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