Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Its an Estee Lauder Christmas....

So amongst other lovely glorious things I was treated to this beauty for Christmas

I can't remember the correct name for it as I've thrown out the big box it came in but basically its Estee Lauders big Christmas gift set offering. Included in the set are:

  • Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact 
  • Deluxe All Over Face Compact
  • 3 Pure Colour Lipsticks - 1 Creme & 2 Shimmer 
  • 2 Pure Colour Shimmer Lip Glosses
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - 100ml
  • 2 Artists Eye Pencils in 01 Softsmudge Black & 02 Softsmudge Brown
  • Sumptuous Mascara in 01 Black
The gift set also came with a little red makeup bag and compact mirror (which I forgot to photograph) as well as 4 makeup brushes that are pictured below

I'm really excited about this awesome gift as theres pretty much nothing in it that I wouldn't use. I also got this for Christmas last year and i'm excited to see that this years offering is quite different. Although both contain the eyeshadow and face compacts the colours are very different, as are the lip glosses and lipsticks.

In the Deluxe Eye Shadow Compact there are 18 eyeshadows of varying textures. The shadows are wonderfully pigmented and, like all Estee Lauder shadows, easy to blend and lovely to use. All the shadows in this palette can be used to create a subtle eye and also a more dramatic look. The compact itself is a good size and contains a mirror.

The All Over Face Compact Contains one Bronzer and three blushes. I love the colours and textures in these. Theres something included in this that I think would suit most skin tones.

I'm particularly happy with the lip glosses in this one. In last years offering it was 2 half size glosses but this year its 2 full sizes in 03 Electric Ginger (left of picture below) and 33 Orchid Passion (right of picture below). Both are gorgeous and infused with glitter. I'm really pleased with the choice of colours

The lipsticks are also lovely. In the picture below they are swatched, from top to bottom, 16 Candy, 65 Exotic Orchid and 46 Barely Nude. The only one of these i'm not sure about is Barely Nude as this isn't the type of colour that I usually go for and to be honest this is really the only thing in the whole box that I doubt I'll use. Actually looking at it in the picture below, it doesn't look nice at all does it? The top two, however, will be very well used! You should note that all the colours have much more of a sheen to them in real life but the picture below is accurate in terms of the colours.

So thats just a kind of overview of the products contained within this epic present! I was so so soooo pleased with this one. I got another couple of bits which I will probably post about at some point. I really love this though. Its such a lovely idea for a gift that allows you to try different things and get a good selection of quality products.

Jill x

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