Monday, 5 December 2011

Bella Bella Bella...

Benefits Bella Bamba is one of my favourite blushes. Its a gorgeous bright pink infused with gold glitter

Schweet! Its a very pigmented blush with a lovely soft texture that sweeps over the cheeks like a dream. Its very reflective so you dont strictly need to add a highlighter to it (I usually do because I have an all consuming obsession with them) but this gives a gorgeous pink sheen to the cheeks. The best thing about this blush for me is the pigmentation - with this product a little goes a long way. I like to use this in a look where I keep the rest of my makeup simple - simple eyes and a simple lip - this is a real "cheeks do the talking" blush...if you get what I mean

The picture above shows the colour it appears on me accurately - it also shows how reflective this is. The above is swatched quite heavily.

I was going to do a hair update at the weekend but I forgot to take update pictures. However, for the first time since Hair-Gate 2011, on Friday, I not only washed and dried my hair using a hairdrier, I straightened it as well. This was yet another massive step forward for me since its the first time ive felt brave enough to do this. Obviously I used heat protection spray and I didnt have my straightners on the highest temperature for fear of causing more damage. I actually got a bit upset when I had done it because for the first time, my hair looked and felt somewhat like it did before everything happened. I also looked more like myself and it upset me that I dont feel like that every day. The picture below was taken just before a night out on Friday so please excuse my blearey eyes and smearey makeup - muchos wine was involved - but you get the idea with my hair

I've still been continuing on with my usual intensive routine  with the addition of the product below:

Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer - genius stuff (if you can get past the dodgy shaped bottle..anyone else see it? no? just me?) This is a styling product that softens and smoothes dry frizzy hair and helps to control frizz. I got it at the hair dressers a few weeks ago when I went and its great stuff. You can use it on wet or dry hair and i use it on both - its a great finishing product.

Its really made a difference to my ability to smooth out my hair when I tie it up.  It makes my hair feel softer and in better condition. The product smells gorgeous just like most Tigi products - kind of a fruity bubblegum smell - lush.  The only downside is that my hair doesnt curl as much when I use it - it really does help to straighten and keep hair straight! I'm really enjoying using this product so far.

Jill x

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