Friday, 30 December 2011

Pretty Little Polishes...

I got this cute little set as a present for Christmas. Its from Marks & Spencer and contains 10 mini nail polishes in a selection of colours. This is a great little set and the quality of the polishes is excellent. I like the nice selection of colours and wear time is great, I was wearing the gold colour for 4 days and only today did it start to chip! The gold is gorgeous, I absolutely love it but its very sheer. The picture below is after 3 coats

I've also tried out the blue thats second from the right in the top picture. Its very bright and infused with micro glitter. Its not usually a colour that I would wear on my finger nails but i'm off work at the moment and it is the holidays so thought why not! This polish isn't as sheer as the gold and the picture below was 2 coats

As you can see its very bright!

This is a really cute little set and I can't wait to try out the rest of the colours!

Jill x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm a Dior Addict...

I recently treated myself to this little beauty, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 257 Pearl. Its a super high shine utterly gorgeous lip gloss. Its a pale peachy pink colour infused with the tiny-est of glitter. Its lovely. Its quite sheer so still allows some of my natural lip colour to come through and will look gorgeous over the top of a pink lipstick.

Here is a swatch of it

I just love this. Its my first Dior Addict lip gloss, i've got a couple of the lipsticks already, and i'm really impressed with the formula. Its very soft and conditioning feeling on my lips and when it wears off i'm not left with that over dry feeling that I sometimes get with certain glosses. Its also not sticky which is excellent, I can't stand it when my hair gets stuck in my lip gloss!

Heres a picture of how it looks on my lips

Also i'm going to do a post soon on my hair since I've started using the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and Tigi S Factor Spun Satin but I think you can see in the photo above the improvement there has been in my hair. I won't ramble on about that now though as i'm saving that for another post!

Jill x

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Its an Estee Lauder Christmas....

So amongst other lovely glorious things I was treated to this beauty for Christmas

I can't remember the correct name for it as I've thrown out the big box it came in but basically its Estee Lauders big Christmas gift set offering. Included in the set are:

  • Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact 
  • Deluxe All Over Face Compact
  • 3 Pure Colour Lipsticks - 1 Creme & 2 Shimmer 
  • 2 Pure Colour Shimmer Lip Glosses
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - 100ml
  • 2 Artists Eye Pencils in 01 Softsmudge Black & 02 Softsmudge Brown
  • Sumptuous Mascara in 01 Black
The gift set also came with a little red makeup bag and compact mirror (which I forgot to photograph) as well as 4 makeup brushes that are pictured below

I'm really excited about this awesome gift as theres pretty much nothing in it that I wouldn't use. I also got this for Christmas last year and i'm excited to see that this years offering is quite different. Although both contain the eyeshadow and face compacts the colours are very different, as are the lip glosses and lipsticks.

In the Deluxe Eye Shadow Compact there are 18 eyeshadows of varying textures. The shadows are wonderfully pigmented and, like all Estee Lauder shadows, easy to blend and lovely to use. All the shadows in this palette can be used to create a subtle eye and also a more dramatic look. The compact itself is a good size and contains a mirror.

The All Over Face Compact Contains one Bronzer and three blushes. I love the colours and textures in these. Theres something included in this that I think would suit most skin tones.

I'm particularly happy with the lip glosses in this one. In last years offering it was 2 half size glosses but this year its 2 full sizes in 03 Electric Ginger (left of picture below) and 33 Orchid Passion (right of picture below). Both are gorgeous and infused with glitter. I'm really pleased with the choice of colours

The lipsticks are also lovely. In the picture below they are swatched, from top to bottom, 16 Candy, 65 Exotic Orchid and 46 Barely Nude. The only one of these i'm not sure about is Barely Nude as this isn't the type of colour that I usually go for and to be honest this is really the only thing in the whole box that I doubt I'll use. Actually looking at it in the picture below, it doesn't look nice at all does it? The top two, however, will be very well used! You should note that all the colours have much more of a sheen to them in real life but the picture below is accurate in terms of the colours.

So thats just a kind of overview of the products contained within this epic present! I was so so soooo pleased with this one. I got another couple of bits which I will probably post about at some point. I really love this though. Its such a lovely idea for a gift that allows you to try different things and get a good selection of quality products.

Jill x

Saturday, 24 December 2011

I Love Watercolours...

I recently treated myself to the the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Pop as well as the brush to go along with it. I had never used this product before and didnt really know what to expect but after reading such rave reviews online I had to try it.

The product itself has the consistency of water. I dont know why this surprised me but it did. I havent really used liquid or even cream cheek colours before so this type of thing was completely new to me. Its a lovely pink colour that puts me in mind of the inside of the strawberry Quality Street chocolates. Its extremely pigmented and a little goes a very long way. I think this is a product to be used sparingly and very carefuly as you could easily mess this up. Only use a TINY dot of this product and blend it out into the most lovely vibrant pink colour. The product could be layered to allow for different intensities but this is definitely a product you want to build up as opposed to going straight in there with a lot of product.

The brush that I got is the one that's sold to go along with this particular product and its excellent. Its extremely soft and easy to work with. Its really great at blending this product wonderfully. Staying power is absolutely fantastic. The picture below shows the colour that comes out of the tube and the same amount blended. The blended swatch is still very heavy as when I took this picture, I didnt appreciate just how far the product can go! I took a little side view picture of how the product looks on my cheek as well. You should note that on my cheek I used FAR less of the product than in the first picture and you can see how subtle it can look. I dont know why the picture looks all grainy, it was taken with the same camera settings in the same light as the top one...oh well.

I think that given the lovely colour, the staying power and the teeny tiny amount of product you need to use, this product is a great investment and well worth the money. I'll definitely be trying out more of them

Jill x

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Glittery Black Pearl....

So if you read my last post you'll know that I recently painted my nails with an OPI glitter nail polish. After spending the best part of 10 minutes trying to take it off, I fancied something less...difficult. So I opted for Chanel Black Pearl nail polish. This is a gorgeous deep black green with a pearly finish. Like most Chanel colours, I absolutely love this. The only negative thing that I can really say with Chanel polishes is their wear time can be pretty dismal (with the exception of the Fall 2011 collection). Usually by the end of the first full day wearing it theres tip wear which for a nail polish that costs £16ish, is really quite ridiculous. I keep buying them though. The colours they release are spectacular.

Now, I know I said I wanted something less difficult and that was true. Until I realised that this is Christmas and possibly the only time of year that I can get away with wearing glitter nail polish to work. So with that in mind, I combined these...

To make this...

Thats Black Pearl with Illamasqua Spartan polish over the top. Since i'm still without my camera, I used my phone to take this picture and it really doesnt capture how lovely the combination is. It gives the most gorgeous sparkly sheen. Lovely.

Jill x

Sunday, 18 December 2011


So, in order to put off wrapping presents, I thought i'd come on here and do a little post about a couple of things.

First is this gorgeous nail polish by Dior - Pink Aristocrat. Its a lovely pink with almost mauve undertones and a gorgeous pearl sheen. I love it because not only is it a gorgeous colour but like all Dior nail polishes i've tried, its wear time is excellent.

The next polish that I wanted to show you is OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection. This is lovely. Its a gorgeous baby pink infused with both fine milled and chunky glitter. Its like a glitter explosion. Its stunning and perfect for this time of year (or if youre like me any time of year)

Now, I wanted to post a good picture of it (or at least as good as I can make it) but i've been a bit of a douche and left my camera charger at my boyfriends and, of course, my camera died. The photo below is taken with my phone and its not the best quality and doesnt show the polish off to its best, it is quite accurate in terms of colour. Imagine it a lot more glittery. It doesnt really show the glitter on the nails that well but you can really see it in the bottle.

The next is just a wee note to say I went back to my new hairdressers yesterday for a trim and she was once again excellent. She said herself that the difference in my hair, just between now and the first time I went in to see her (about 6 weeks ago) is brilliant. Over the last week i've got 3 new products that i'm starting to incorporate into my routine. They are
  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
  • Tigi S-Factor Spun Satin
  • Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray (for styling)
I've only just started using all 3 of them so I cant really judge but I hope to do a proper post or couple of posts on the Elasticizer & the Spun Satin after further use. I've only used them a couple of times but my hair actually feels soft after use! I've also noticed a lot less breakage since using the Elasticizer and hopefully this cult product will really help contain the damage.

Jill x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

What a difference....

Its been over 2 months since Hair-Gate 2011. Little re-cap- I used John Frieda Go Blonder spray on my hair and it reacted with the dye that my hairdresser used resulting in my hair being chemically burned. My previously long, blonde, soft and shiny hair was burned beyond recognition. I had to get quite a lot cut off, i've gone from washing my hair every day to only washing it twice a week (this in itself has turned into quite a time consuming event with the intensive treatments that I do on it), I dont use a hairdryer or straightners (I used straightners for the first time a week ago as I was going on my works christmas night out) and I dont even use a hair brush for it - only a wide toothed comb because of the breakage.

The entire thing has been absolutely devastating for me. I know I shouldnt let the way I feel rely so much on my hair but it really does. The first time i've felt like myself since this happened was when I straightned it last week.

I took some pictures today to do an update and I, by chance, looked back over my pictures I took the day after it happened and I cant believe the difference. Sometimes I get quite down about the way it still feels and looks but I guess I had forgotten just how bad it was and how much of an improvement there has been. It still feels dry and, if i'm honest, its snapping quite a lot but honestly, when I look at the  first pictures of it and I look at it now, its hard to believe how much its improved. To give you an idea check out the following pictures -

Taken one day after it happened - 2nd October 2011

Taken today - 11th December 2011

Taken one day after it happened - 2nd October 2011

Taken Today - 11th December 2011

I can really see the difference. I'm glad I looked at the pictures from October as they have reminded me of how awful and matted my hair was. Its nowhere near what it was pre chemical burn but I can run my fingers through it again which I couldnt do in October. You can also see from the pictures above that in October, I didnt even need to hold the hair back to take pictures of the underside of it, it was that burned and straw like, but now I do!

These pictures have made me feel slightly better. They have reminded me of the improvement i've seen in my hair and have made me feel cautiously positive about future improvement. I am painfully aware there is nothing I can do to return it to its previous state until it grows in - it has been damaged beyond repair, but the pictures above show me that I must be doing something right!

I also got a lovely new nail polish today - OPIs Flashbulb Fuchsia. I've rambled on quite a lot in this post so i'll let this picture do the talking for this one (again, please ignore my crap polish skills/bitey nails)

Lovely stuff!

Jill x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Max Factor Deal...

So this morning on my way to work I stopped in at Sainsburys to get my caffeine fix and lo and behold, there was a 3 for 2 on cosmetics! Awesome! So I had a little look around and settled on 3 Max Factor products as I havent really used this brand before and thought this was a good chance to try it

Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in Bronze Haze
I've wanted to get this for a while but had always stopped as I have so many neutral eyeshadows that I wasnt necessarily sure if it was worth it. One side is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour with a rounded edge and the other is a deep brown with gold flecks and has a pointed edge. Despite containing shimmer, i've had a play and this is very subtle. To be honest, both colours are easily dupable but I really like this as its buildable but deposits a great colour. Easily blendable and super easy to create a smoky eye - something I'm trying to get better at!

Colour Elixir Lipstick in Bewitching Coral
This is a super bright coral pink. Super bright. As in I was shocked when I put it on today at work. Its way brighter on my lips than it looked when I swatched it. Highly pigmented and glossy - its a lovely formula. Very very long lasting. The colour lingres on my lips long after the glossy sheen has worn off. I'm really pleased with this, its a lovely colour that i'm sure i'll get a lot of wear out of. The picture below doesnt even capture the true intensity of it.

Nailfinity polish in 882 - Angel Nails
I LOVE this. Its a silver based polish with a gorgeous lilac tint and tiny glitter particles thats highly reflective. I didnt take any pictures of this as i've been feeling quite stressed out recently and as such, my nails are an absolute state! Too bitten to be on a blog about pretty things. The colour in reality is brighter than in the picture at the top but it does give quite a good idea of the colour. I love it so much!

All in all i'm really pleased with what I got. I'm not sure if this offer is on everywhere, I assume it is. It was on for all the cosmetics brands at my local store so get yourself down to Sainsburys and have a look!

Jill x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Bella Bella Bella...

Benefits Bella Bamba is one of my favourite blushes. Its a gorgeous bright pink infused with gold glitter

Schweet! Its a very pigmented blush with a lovely soft texture that sweeps over the cheeks like a dream. Its very reflective so you dont strictly need to add a highlighter to it (I usually do because I have an all consuming obsession with them) but this gives a gorgeous pink sheen to the cheeks. The best thing about this blush for me is the pigmentation - with this product a little goes a long way. I like to use this in a look where I keep the rest of my makeup simple - simple eyes and a simple lip - this is a real "cheeks do the talking" blush...if you get what I mean

The picture above shows the colour it appears on me accurately - it also shows how reflective this is. The above is swatched quite heavily.

I was going to do a hair update at the weekend but I forgot to take update pictures. However, for the first time since Hair-Gate 2011, on Friday, I not only washed and dried my hair using a hairdrier, I straightened it as well. This was yet another massive step forward for me since its the first time ive felt brave enough to do this. Obviously I used heat protection spray and I didnt have my straightners on the highest temperature for fear of causing more damage. I actually got a bit upset when I had done it because for the first time, my hair looked and felt somewhat like it did before everything happened. I also looked more like myself and it upset me that I dont feel like that every day. The picture below was taken just before a night out on Friday so please excuse my blearey eyes and smearey makeup - muchos wine was involved - but you get the idea with my hair

I've still been continuing on with my usual intensive routine  with the addition of the product below:

Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer - genius stuff (if you can get past the dodgy shaped bottle..anyone else see it? no? just me?) This is a styling product that softens and smoothes dry frizzy hair and helps to control frizz. I got it at the hair dressers a few weeks ago when I went and its great stuff. You can use it on wet or dry hair and i use it on both - its a great finishing product.

Its really made a difference to my ability to smooth out my hair when I tie it up.  It makes my hair feel softer and in better condition. The product smells gorgeous just like most Tigi products - kind of a fruity bubblegum smell - lush.  The only downside is that my hair doesnt curl as much when I use it - it really does help to straighten and keep hair straight! I'm really enjoying using this product so far.

Jill x