Friday, 25 November 2011

Pre Pay Day Splurge....

So the other day I on the way home from work I stopped in at The Body Shop. Big mistake the day before pay day. 

I'm a huge fan of their body butters and there was a pretty good deal on - all body butters were half price! For the length of time I find they last and how amazing they make my skin feel, to me, this is an absolute bargain! Being £12.50 each at full price I think the cost is a bit steep for a body moisturiser so when there are deals on I just have to take advantage of it. Plus, they had a deal in store that if you spent more than £26 you got the newly released Candied Ginger body butter for £1 (which I was able to take advantage of)

In addition to the £1 Candied Ginger, I got 3 body butters - Mango, Coconut and Coconut Shimmer.

The mango is a repurchase for me and I think its my firm favourite. I just love fruity smelling products! I have never bought the coconut one before but it just smelled so lovely. I used it last night and it was just so delicious smelling!

The coconut shimmer is gorgeous. I'm so glad that I tried this one in the shop. It was love at first sight. Like its non shimmer counterpart, It smells delicious with the added bonus of leaving a beautiful silver shimmer on the skin. I think this will be a lovely product to use before a night out. The picture below shows how it looks on my skin. The swatch on the left is still quite heavy but isn't it lovely?

Candied Ginger is an interesting scent. Like all the other body butters, it smells exactly as its described. I'm not a massive fan of the scent to be honest but for £1 I couldn't turn it down!

I also picked up the Coconut Body Scrub. This. Is. Gorgeous. Buy it. Its lovely, you wont regret it. The scent is just as lovely as the matching body butter. Its a very gentle scrub but very effective. I have used all manner of body scrubs from all different brands and was never convinced at their effectiveness. I never felt like my skin was that soft afterwards and sometimes the texture is just too rough. This has completely changed my opinion. The thick texture is lovely and decadent and my skin was noticeably softer after one use. Silky smooth loveliness.

One of the other items that I bought was this eyeshadow in shade 45 - Star Silver. Its stunning. Like most of The Body Shops products, this delivers. The texture of this eyeshadow is an absolute dream. Very soft and almost spongy feeling in the pan. Delivers a stunning, highly pigmented wash of colour. I cant wait to play with this more over the festive season and I think this will help to create a gorgeous night out eye.

Love everything about it.

Jill x

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