Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lovely Lippies and a Zombie Boy

This is just a little post about my current favourite lip combination. Recently i've been loving 2 mac products - lipstick in Angel and tinted lip glass in Social Lite. Both by themselves are lovely but I particularly love the sheen that social lite provides along with the colour of angel when applied together. They're swatched below - Angel by itself at the top, Social Lite in the middle and the two combined at the bottom.

I finally felt brave enough to take a picture of myself for the first time since Hair-Gate 2011. Dont judge it too harshly. I'm finally accepting that I just have to leave it to do what it wants (I cant use straightners or a hairdryer). I was actually brave enough to wear it down to work yesterday (all be it with the front scraped back in a hair band) which is when the picture below was taken. I'm wearing Angel & Social Lite in the picture and it shows the colour on the lips fairly accurately

I also wanted to link to the video below of Zombie Boy aka Rico Genest for Dermablends new "Go Beyond The Cover" concealer campaign. I love this video. Personally, I think they've picked a great way to show the potential of this product. Fair enough it was applied by a team of professionals but even so, to cover up his tattoos, its got to be some pretty amazing stuff. 

Jill x

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