Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Just a little update.....

Its time for another update on Hair-Gate 2011. My hairs still frazzled but I'm noticing a difference in terms of the texture. It doesnt feel as rough and its not matting as much at the sides or at the back. Go back a week and I had to have it tied up every day because it was bearly brush-able with all the knots. It was a big tangled matted mess. Now, however, I've actually been brave enough to go to work with my hair down! Its been back in a hair band but even so, this is a big leap forward for me!

These pictures were taken on Sunday when I washed it, 3 weeks on from it happening. The two below show a wet/dry comparrison. You can really see the damage when its wet

The next two show the sides of my head that I have pictured in other posts. Its still not great but there has been an improvement

I washed my hair tonight and to be honest, I havent noticed any matting at the sides yet and thinking about it, i havent done since the end of last week.  My hair is still far from normal but maybe a slight improvement. Its still very badly damaged, rough feeling and very frizzy but i'll take what improvement i can get! I've just been continuing on the same with my aftercare and havent touched a hairdryer or straightners since it happened. I'm not sure whats making the difference but something is. I've had quite a lot of breakage but i'm hoping that I'm doing enough to stop anything severe from happening.

I've also noticed regrowth at the roots, they're coming in nice and dark. I honestly never thought i'd be looking forward to my roots coming in!

I also wanted to share this beauty. Chanel nail polish in shiny and pretty...even with my bitten nails!

sooooo shiny!

Jill x

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