Friday, 7 October 2011

A few of my favourite things...

So the next post I was going to do was going to be an update on my hair but not really much to report at the moment. I have washed it twice since the hairdressing disaster and the condition of some parts has slightly improved. The worst damaged bits are much the same though and i've had a bit more breakage and fall out which is disheartening.

I bought myself some of the famous moroccanoil to add to my regime to see if that does anything. This is a re-purchase for me and it really worked wonders before so fingers crossed it will help some how

Thought i would do a little post about some of my current favourites for lips, cheeks, eyes and nails. I'm still just learning how to do this so dont judge my photos too harshly!

For lips, my two current favourites are Dior Rouge lipstick in 428 Pisanelle Pink (left) and Chanel gloss in 46 Giggle (right), part of their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Both these products are lovely shades as we head into the colder months. On my lips, they actually look slightly more pink that they appear in the photo below but i think they really are perfect for this time of year, with the added bonus of being suitable for work - the gloss goes on more sheer than it looks. Although both obviously have different formula, wear time is equally excellent - really lovely products.

One of my favourite new purchases (and new releases) is Estee Lauders Pure Color Modern Mercury Highlighter. This is such a dream. I have an obsession with highlighters anyway and this beautiful peach ticks all the boxes - illuminates beautifully, deposits just the right amount of colour (I like to wear either alone or on top of a pale peach blush) and blends marvelously. A wonderful purchase that I'm so glad i got a hold of

I have to say if the Estee Lauder highlighter has competition from another product for my current favourite its from the new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows - particularly Epatant (left) - this is the most wonderful shiny sparkly khaki green. I also have one in Illusiore (right) which again is beautiful. Its a deep sparkly purple/grey. These eyeshadows deposit a wonderful colour and blend amazingly. Definitely worth a look.

Finally, my favourite new nail polish that i've bought has to be Chanel Peridot. This is a colour that i really didnt like at first, i thought it looked...well...odd. Is it green, is it yellow, is it blue, is it gold? Well the answer to that is its kind of all of them, its a greeny yellowey bluey gold depending on the light you're in. I mostly see green in it but in daylight or under bright lights this is a lovely golden colour.  I have all of the new Chanel releases and I now have to say that this is my absolute favourite. I saw this reviewed on a lot of blogs which formed my initial opinion but you really can't judge it on that, personally, I think its gorgeous on the nails, and totally different to anything else. It may be odd, but give it a chance! You may change your mind just like i did. I've added the two pictures before as the top one shows the more gold tones and the lower one (taken with a shadow) shows how this changes to green. Please ignore my scabby a biter!

Jill x

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