Saturday, 29 October 2011

I'm a Freak...

This post is a little look at some products I recently got from Illamasqua. I dont have much from this range but i'm really starting to fall in love with it, the colours are amazing. Heres a little picture of what I purchased

  • Freak Gift Set
  • Powder Blusher in Ambition
  • Pure Pigment in Furore
The Freak gift set had me all in a tizzy. Now, I was a bit dubious about this perfume, as I often am with releases like this but I have to say it was love at first sniff. This perfume is absolutely gorgeous. I'm rubbish at trying to describe a scent so I wont even bother. Its like nothing ive ever smelled before. Its lovely, take a chance and try it out.  I couldnt resist. I decided to go for it and not only purchase the perfume but the gift set full of limited addition goodies.

In the set you get
  • Freak Eau De Parfum - 75ml
  • Nail polish in Hemlock
  • Sheer lipgloss in Datura
  • Pure Pigment in Queen of the Night
The nail polish is so interesting. Its a pale, sheer silver white that turns light green in certain lights. Its just lovely. I have also seen this used as a top coat to add further dimentions to other polishes which I cant wait to try. I'm still learning when it comes to taking pictures and this proved so difficult to get an accurate colour pay off in photos. The picture below is the best I could do as you can see the green sheen in the bottle, please ignore my scabby fingers!

The lipgloss is just stunning. Its a lovely lilac colour thats actually a lot more natural on than I thought it would be. It's definitely lilac but it less severe on the lips. Dont let this scare you, its gorgeous, glides on smooth and feels quite moisturising. Plus it smells like berries...lush! The pigment in Queen of the Night looks purple in the box but its actually got more of a black/grey tinge to it with purple glitter. I've had a play around with this and its really easy to blend so I think you could create a variety of looks with this. Swatches of these below -

The other 2 products I bought are the famous Furore pigment and blush in Ambition. Furore (top of pic) will make a lovely highlighter. Im also interested in seeing the result of mixing this in with my foundation. I usually dont like to mix with my foundation but this is so lovely I will have to try it. Ambition (bottom of pic) in the pan looks to be quite glittery but this doesnt really translate when I swatched it. As with all Illamasqua products, pigmentation is excellent, which is a must have for me in a blush.

I'm really pleased with these products and i'm looking forward to experimenting with Illamasqua a bit more

Jill x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Just a little update.....

Its time for another update on Hair-Gate 2011. My hairs still frazzled but I'm noticing a difference in terms of the texture. It doesnt feel as rough and its not matting as much at the sides or at the back. Go back a week and I had to have it tied up every day because it was bearly brush-able with all the knots. It was a big tangled matted mess. Now, however, I've actually been brave enough to go to work with my hair down! Its been back in a hair band but even so, this is a big leap forward for me!

These pictures were taken on Sunday when I washed it, 3 weeks on from it happening. The two below show a wet/dry comparrison. You can really see the damage when its wet

The next two show the sides of my head that I have pictured in other posts. Its still not great but there has been an improvement

I washed my hair tonight and to be honest, I havent noticed any matting at the sides yet and thinking about it, i havent done since the end of last week.  My hair is still far from normal but maybe a slight improvement. Its still very badly damaged, rough feeling and very frizzy but i'll take what improvement i can get! I've just been continuing on the same with my aftercare and havent touched a hairdryer or straightners since it happened. I'm not sure whats making the difference but something is. I've had quite a lot of breakage but i'm hoping that I'm doing enough to stop anything severe from happening.

I've also noticed regrowth at the roots, they're coming in nice and dark. I honestly never thought i'd be looking forward to my roots coming in!

I also wanted to share this beauty. Chanel nail polish in shiny and pretty...even with my bitten nails!

sooooo shiny!

Jill x

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lovely Lippies and a Zombie Boy

This is just a little post about my current favourite lip combination. Recently i've been loving 2 mac products - lipstick in Angel and tinted lip glass in Social Lite. Both by themselves are lovely but I particularly love the sheen that social lite provides along with the colour of angel when applied together. They're swatched below - Angel by itself at the top, Social Lite in the middle and the two combined at the bottom.

I finally felt brave enough to take a picture of myself for the first time since Hair-Gate 2011. Dont judge it too harshly. I'm finally accepting that I just have to leave it to do what it wants (I cant use straightners or a hairdryer). I was actually brave enough to wear it down to work yesterday (all be it with the front scraped back in a hair band) which is when the picture below was taken. I'm wearing Angel & Social Lite in the picture and it shows the colour on the lips fairly accurately

I also wanted to link to the video below of Zombie Boy aka Rico Genest for Dermablends new "Go Beyond The Cover" concealer campaign. I love this video. Personally, I think they've picked a great way to show the potential of this product. Fair enough it was applied by a team of professionals but even so, to cover up his tattoos, its got to be some pretty amazing stuff. 

Jill x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Two Weeks on...


Thought I would do an update today on my hair. It isn't as rough as before but I've still had a lot of breakage and its just like a slightly softer brillo pad. A couple of pictures- 

In the picture below you can see some of the breakage around my parting. This was taken just over a week after it happened 

The next picture shows some of the matting that's still happening at the side of my head. This was taken around the same time as the picture above. This usually gets worse when I've not washed my hair for a few days. I'm currently only washing my hair twice a week, which, given I was an every day kind of girl, is pretty hard going.

The next 2 pictures were taken today (two weeks after it happened) after I washed my hair and let it dry naturally. You can see the discoloration caused by the damage. Though, in comparison with the picture above and the pictures taken when it first happened, the hair is slightly better, but as i have said, far from right

I'm still using all the treatments from my original post plus the moroccanoil. The moroccanoil and the Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco masque seem to actually be making the most difference. I realise my hairs a long way off being anywhere near normal but I can see and feel a small improvement which, given how awful it was and how devastated about it I was (still am actually), is most welcome.

I also wanted to highlight this lovely gift with purchase that I got at the Clinique counter at my local Debenhams. You get the gift if you buy any 2 products (I bought the all about eyes cream and take the day off cleanser). The gift itself is great and for once I think i'll actually use all the products.

The gift includes:
  • makeup bag
  • all about eyes cream (7ml)
  • superdefense age defense moisturiser (15ml)
  • mild liquid facial soap (50ml)
  • high impact mascara (3.5ml)
  • Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Strawberry Bliss (1ml)
  • Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad
The lip smoothie is particularly lovely. As you can see from the picture below its a gorgeous sheer plum toned pink with gold reflective particles. Its lovely and feels really smooth and moisturising on my lips.

Its a lovely gift so if you like Clinique or are thinking of trying their products, when the gift is this good its worth checking out.

Jill x

Friday, 7 October 2011

A few of my favourite things...

So the next post I was going to do was going to be an update on my hair but not really much to report at the moment. I have washed it twice since the hairdressing disaster and the condition of some parts has slightly improved. The worst damaged bits are much the same though and i've had a bit more breakage and fall out which is disheartening.

I bought myself some of the famous moroccanoil to add to my regime to see if that does anything. This is a re-purchase for me and it really worked wonders before so fingers crossed it will help some how

Thought i would do a little post about some of my current favourites for lips, cheeks, eyes and nails. I'm still just learning how to do this so dont judge my photos too harshly!

For lips, my two current favourites are Dior Rouge lipstick in 428 Pisanelle Pink (left) and Chanel gloss in 46 Giggle (right), part of their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Both these products are lovely shades as we head into the colder months. On my lips, they actually look slightly more pink that they appear in the photo below but i think they really are perfect for this time of year, with the added bonus of being suitable for work - the gloss goes on more sheer than it looks. Although both obviously have different formula, wear time is equally excellent - really lovely products.

One of my favourite new purchases (and new releases) is Estee Lauders Pure Color Modern Mercury Highlighter. This is such a dream. I have an obsession with highlighters anyway and this beautiful peach ticks all the boxes - illuminates beautifully, deposits just the right amount of colour (I like to wear either alone or on top of a pale peach blush) and blends marvelously. A wonderful purchase that I'm so glad i got a hold of

I have to say if the Estee Lauder highlighter has competition from another product for my current favourite its from the new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows - particularly Epatant (left) - this is the most wonderful shiny sparkly khaki green. I also have one in Illusiore (right) which again is beautiful. Its a deep sparkly purple/grey. These eyeshadows deposit a wonderful colour and blend amazingly. Definitely worth a look.

Finally, my favourite new nail polish that i've bought has to be Chanel Peridot. This is a colour that i really didnt like at first, i thought it looked...well...odd. Is it green, is it yellow, is it blue, is it gold? Well the answer to that is its kind of all of them, its a greeny yellowey bluey gold depending on the light you're in. I mostly see green in it but in daylight or under bright lights this is a lovely golden colour.  I have all of the new Chanel releases and I now have to say that this is my absolute favourite. I saw this reviewed on a lot of blogs which formed my initial opinion but you really can't judge it on that, personally, I think its gorgeous on the nails, and totally different to anything else. It may be odd, but give it a chance! You may change your mind just like i did. I've added the two pictures before as the top one shows the more gold tones and the lower one (taken with a shadow) shows how this changes to green. Please ignore my scabby a biter!

Jill x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Oh blog!

Well this is the first post of my new blog. I've never done anthing like this before so i'm not really sure what i'm doing! Hopefully this blog will just give me a place to jot down my thoughts and ideas on beauty and lifestyle. Going to start this in stages but I think i'll jump right in.

So yesterday i went to the hairdressers - first time in 5 months. I get my hair dyed blonde and had been using the John Frieda Go Blonder spray to put off going to the hairdressers. Turns out, this was the worst thing i couldve done - the dye at the hairdressers reacted with the Go Blonder spray and as a result has burned some areas of my hair - making it snap and turn white. My whole head of hair is brittle, matted and just horrible feeling.

They had to cut most of my hair off - it was mid back length and is now at my shoulders. I am equal parts raging and devastated - it took me so long to grow it. Luckily, although all of my hair is dry and brittle now, the worst damage is located to the area i sprayed - around my roots. Here are some pictures of some of the damage - they're not great but you get the idea

The pictures dont really accurately show it. Its absolutely awful! My hair feels like a brillo pad!

I have some salon shampoo and some other products that i'm planning on using - here's a photo of them

Shampoo & Conditioner -  L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular

Conditioning Products
Herbal Essences - Beautiful Ends Split Ends Protection Cream
Fekkai - Protein Rx Daily Protein Fortifier Spray
Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco Hair Masque
L'oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular Cleansing Balm

I'm also using the Aussie Leave in conditioner not pictured here. I've used the first 3 hair products for a while and they're all really good. After using everything today my hair feels a little better and I will report back with progress!

I've also been told to wash my hair only 2-3 times a week (im an every day girl) and no straightners or hairdryer and definately no colouring for the forseeable future. It was pretty devastating to be honest.

I've had some hair fall out as a result but not too much at the moment. Hopefully the above products should help.

Well thats a rambling post for the first one - i'm still getting the hang of this so will try not to ramble on so much in the future!

Jill x